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Malak launched CR2032 high capacity battery

source:本站 views:7753 time:2015-04-23

Malak launched CR2032 high capacity battery

The company's most advanced button battery automatic UV production line and strict temperature and humidity environment manufacturing, the capacity of up to 240mAh, the use of energy-saving technology, Is currently the highest capacity of one of the CR2032 button batteries, the battery shell made of nickel-plated stainless steel, the appearance of smooth glossy alternative PANASONIC, MAXELL, SONY and other similar Japanese button battery models.

    High capacity means that with the same CR2032 battery, work in the product longer, such as the commonly used computer motherboard, CMOS module need to use the CR2032 button battery, cut off the power supply in the computer after the CMOS module and RTC chip work, usually one Ordinary CR2032 battery capacity is only about 200mAh, and I produced up to 240mAh, which means that the theoretical work life increased by 20%. If the battery is added to the natural loss, the actual increase in life may be more than 20%.

    Do not increase the size of the conditions, as far as possible to provide higher capacity, higher quality battery, is the Malak Industrial / power battery has always been one of the product direction, as close as possible and reached the level of Japanese production of button batteries, Malak is also the consistent goal of the domestic battery colleagues.

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